FRONT OFFICE OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT exposes students to the knowledge of front office structure requirements, role of front office operation and the understanding of multi-property management as well as all key areas of operation in ensuring the success of front office service. In this course, students build knowledge of competencies of front office operations. It also emphasizes the backbone of multi-property management, enables more efficient delivery of guest services, revenues optimization and streamlined operations. This course also underlines the importance of front desk, excellent personal development and customer service. Students are also exposed to the implementation of sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact. 

FUNDAMENTALS OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY exposes students to profile, complexity and interrelation of tourism and hospitality sectors, including the significance of tourism to the host and global communities. Students are also introduced to the career, academic and entrepreneurial prospect which exist in the industry. The reality of workplace demands and employability skills in the tourism and hospitality profession are also shown. Students are given the opportunity to gain experience through talks on tourism and hospitality industry delivered by invited guest speakers.