ENTREPRENEURSHIP focuses the principles and concepts of entrepreneurship. This course concentrates on the systematic method of getting business idea. This course also prepares students on conducting online business using social media marketing. It also emphasizes a preparation of business plan and developing their entrepreneurial skills.

FRONT OFFICE MANAGEMENT exposes students to the knowledge of front office structure, requirements, role of front office operation and the understanding of multi-property management as well as all key areas of operation in ensuring the success of front office service. students will build knowledge and competencies of front office operations. they will be a to use the front office systems to assess, search and retrieve gust information. This course also emphasizes the backbone of multi-property management, enabling more efficient delivery of guest services, revenue optimization and streamlined operations. This course also underlines the importance of front desk, excellent personal development and customer service.

EVENT OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT covers the knowledge and understanding of planning and management skills of an event. Students are required to prepare event budgets, set event objectives, plan and manage a successful event. The course also look at the operational and marketing planning as well as managing implementing and evaluating the event

FOOD AND BEVERAGE COST CONTROL contains various elements of costs associated with food and beverage industry. Students are taught to calculate the cost of food and beverage. They are also introduced to the concept of menu pricing, break-even and budgeting. This course also emphasizes production control system associated with cost control techniques.


FOODSERVICE SANITATION provides information on hygiene, sanitation, quality and safety practices in foodservice industry. In addition, this course also discusses the causes and prevention methods of food contamination, and the importance of Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) in foodservice industry.