ENGINEERING SURVEYING 1 covers the knowledge on basic principles of levelling, compass survey and theodolite traverse survey. This course emphasizes the basic distance measurement, bearing and angle in order to get the shape of terrain and the position on the field. It also gives knowledge and practical skills to students in operating and handling survey instruments and working procedures to perform engineering survey works, booking, calculation and plotting.

DRAFTING FUNDAMENTALS provides students knowledge regarding the basic principles of architectural and structural drawings. the course emphasizes on basic drawings such as orthographic projection, isometric and section. it also covers construction drawings, structural drawings, diagrammatic plumbing and sanitary and layout.

CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS course is designed for comprehension of construction materials in civil engineering. It will emphasizes on types and function of cement, the function of aggregates in concrete, water, admixtures, properties of fresh and hardened concrete, concrete mix design and manufacturing concrete on site. This course also focused on the properties of timber, types and characteristics of brick and concrete block, steel and non-steel, the types and function of building finishes materials and the introduction to building elements.