BASIC ENGINEERING SURVEYING course aims to provide students knowledge on matters relating with survey and construction. It assists students understanding in practicing and demonstrates knowledge and understanding of measuring distances and angles by using levels and theodolite. This course will focus on use of survey instruments; levels and theodolite equipments.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP focuses the principles and concept of entrepreneurship. This course concentrates on the systematic methods of getting business ideas. This course also prepares the students on ways to conduct and control the business including fundamental of management, marketing and financing. It also emphasizes on the preparation of business plan, thus developing their entrepreneurial skills.

ENGINEERING SURVEY 2 covers the knowledge and understanding about control survey, detail survey, data collection or acquisition, calculation and plotting of survey works. The course emphasis on the method used to carry out surveying works especially data collection or acquisition to produce plan based on the scope of work. It also gives exposure to the need for accurate data to be used for other surveying work.