THERMODYNAMICS provides knowledge of theory, concept and application of principles to solve problems related to thermodynamics. It emphasizes on concept of non-flow process and flow process, properties of steam, Carnot cycle and Rankine cycle. This course also exposes the students to the demonstration of experiments in Thermodynamics by using the real equipment.

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN 1 provides a comprehensive introduction to Computer-Aided Design software. It is an introductory level where the students will learn to navigate and use the software to create two-dimensional design in engineering. Students shall be able to demonstrate competency in using some standard available features of a CAD application to create and manipulate objects or elements and to modify them. They should be able to change object properties and to undertake printing or plotting activity associated with the delivery outputs. In addition, students are required to use some advanced features of CAD software, such as inserting objects from other applications.