COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN 2 exposes the students to learn the fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design and production-ready part drawings using 3D CAD software. Students will know the various method of creating a solid model using extrude, revolve, swept, assembly, simulation and animation. Hands on exercises representing real world, industry-specific design of mechanical engineering will also be covered in this course.

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH course is designed to impart understanding of the self-regulatory concepts and provisions under the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA). This course presents the responsibilities of employers and employees in implementing and complying with the safety procedures at work. This course provide an understanding of the key issues in OSH management, incident prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR), fire safety, occupational first aid, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment  and Risk Control (HIRARC) and guide the students gradually into this multi-disciplinary science.