INTERNET BASED CONTROLLER provides knowledge and exposure in advanced technology. The course focuses on the basic knowledge of hardware component, wireless communication technologies and wireless sensor network. Green network in Internet of Things will help student to exploits on environmental conservation and surveillance to minimize the cost and power consumption in development of project.

COMPUTER NETWORK FUNDAMENTALS introduces students to the concepts and principles of data transmission and computer networks. This course enables students to correctly use standard terminology in describing the main Local Area Network (LAN) topologies, hardware and software components used in networking. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to build a network infrastructure using copper cabling, and wireless devices. Students also learn to
troubleshoot and secure the network.

COMPUTER SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS AND MAINTENANCE course provides knowledge on the general concept of computer system diagnosis and maintenance. Students are exposed to computer system hardware, laptop system, computer peripherals and security. The course focuses on the methods of operation, installation, diagnostic, troubleshooting and maintenance in computer hardware.

EMBEDDED SYSTEM APPLICATIONS covers the basic concept and application of microcontroller system based on Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) microcontroller. Students will learn software and hardware development on PIC16F/PIC18F microcontroller development system and understand how to do interfacing with external devices using suitable internal chip features. Students are exposed to the new Microcontroller Unit (MCU) simulation software such as Proteus.