COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH 2 emphasises the skills required at the workplace to describe products or services as well as processes or procedures. It also focuses on the skills to give and respond to instructions. This course will also enable students to make and reply to enquiries and complaints.

COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH 3 aims to develop the necessary skills in students to analyse and interpret graphs and charts from data collected as well as job hunting mechanics. Students will learn to present data through the use of graphs and charts. Students will learn the process of job hunting which includes job search strategies and making enquiries. They will also learn to write resumes and cover letters. The students will develop skills to introduce themselves, highlight their strengths and abilities, present ideas, express opinions and respond appropriately during job interviews.

COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH 1 focuses on speaking skills for students to develop the ability to communicate effectively and confidently in group discussions and in a variety of social interactions. It is designed to provide students with appropriate reading skills to comprehend a variety of texts. It is also aimed to equip students with effective presentation skills.